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What is it?

TrustShare’s Questionnaire feature auto generates and suggests answers to incoming security assessments directly from your Trust Cloud. Our intelligence algorithm uses ML and NLP to automatically match questions to controls and policies in your program, as well as with questionnaires you’ve answered in the past.

When you answer questionnaires with TrustShare, your responses are directly linked back to your Trust Cloud artifacts, so that you are always aware of when you are out of compliance with the commitments you are making.

This feature also comes with a built-in module to answer “standard” questionnaires such as SIG, CAIQ and VSA in an automated fashion.

Questionnaires In Progress

On the Questionnaires In Progress page, you can upload a new questionnaire and see a list of all of the previously uploaded/in progress questionnaires in your TrustShare. Each questionnaire card will provide high level details about the questionnaire, such as:

  • Company Name
  • Due Date
  • Created On Date
  • Number of Questions
  • How many answers need approval
  • How many questions need answers
  • How many answers have been approved
  • Questionnaire Status
  • Last Updated Date + Time
Questionnaires In Progress
Questionnaires In Progress

Uploading a New Questionnaire

Step by Step to add a questionnaire into TrustShare

  1. Select the blue “New Questionnaire” button in the upper right-hand corner
  2. Either pull a company from your CRM or you can manually add a company
  3. Identify the due date of the questionnaire
  4. Browse/Attach the questionnaire file
  5. Select “Submit” – The questionnaire will be submitted to the Kintent team for processing and will be added to your “In Progress” questionnaire list in TrustShare.

Uploading a New Questionnaire

Questionnaire Workflow

Answering Questions

As a TrustShare user who is completing a questionnaire, once inside, you will be presented with the list of questions contained within the uploaded questionnaire that need an answer. Within each question you can:

  • Log your answer
  • Add additional comments
  • Add attachments (which will be included in the questionnaire zip file when exported)
  • Save response as a draft
  • Use matches from Trust Cloud in your response – you will be presented with previously provided answers and matched controls so that you can easily import the information to eliminate redundancy and maintain consistency across questionnaire responses.
  • Submit your answer – once submitted, the question will be placed in the “Needs Approval” category
Questionnaire Needs Answers
Questionnaires – Needs Answers

Requesting Changes to an Answered Question

As an approver, you will be able to request changes to a provided answer. This gives you an opportunity to place the question back in the “Needs Answers” category with a comment attached to the question for additional guidance/feedback.

Questionnaires Request Changes
Questionnaires – Request Changes

Editing an Answered Question

As an approver, you have the ability to make any necessary changes to an answer that has been submitted for approval. Upon reviewing a response that needs approval, should you need to make any revisions, you can simply click “Edit Answer” and then re-submit the changes.

Approving Answered Questions

As an approver, your role is to review any provided answers to ensure that they align with your company. When you have selected a questionnaire that is in progress, you can easily identify any answers that need approval by selecting “Needs Approval”. You will then be presented with a list of questions that need review. Each provided answer requires you to select “Approved” before it is placed in the “Approved” category of the selected questionnaire.

Questionnaires Approving Questions
Questionnaires – Approving Questions

Re-Opening a Question to an Approved Answer

As an Approver, you have the ability to re-open approved questions. You can do this within the “Approved” category within the Questionnaires feature by selecting an approved answer. You will see an action item at the bottom of the Response to “Re-Open” the question. This places the question back in the “Needs Answers” category. The answer box will retain the previously provided response for modification.

re open

Marking a Questionnaire Complete

If all necessary answers have been provided/approved and you feel as though the questionnaire is complete, you can now close the questionnaire by selecting “Mark as Complete” within the ellipsis action button. The questionnaire will then be placed in the “Complete” category of the Questionnaires page.

Exporting Answers

To export the questionnaire, you can select the “Export Answers” action item from the “Questionnaires” page. This will export all questions and provided answers into an Excel file.

Questionnaires Actions
Questionnaires – Actions

Complete Questionnaires

Questionnaires that have been marked as complete can be viewed in the “Complete” questionnaire bucket. Within this area of the platform, you will be able to search, view, and re-open any  complete questionnaires. You will also have the ability to archive or delete any of the listed questionnaires.

Questionnaires Complete
Questionnaires – Complete

Archived Questionnaires

Questionnaires that have become outdated can be archived into an “Archived” questionnaire bucket. Within this area of the platform, you will be able to search and view any archived questionnaires.

Archived Questionnaires
Archived Questionnaires

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